Timber stacksThe workshop is situated on the main A259 at Angmering in West Sussex

The entrance to the workshop opens into the showroom where examples of my work can be seen along with a large selection of timber samples.

Outside the workshop is a large area devoted to timber storage. Here are the trees that have been sawn into planks and are air drying. Under cover are further stocks of timber that have been air dried and are awaiting kilning.

One of the services I offer is that of turning a client's tree into a piece of furniture. I have the facilities for collecting the butt, and with the use of a local sawmill, converting it into planks. After air and kiln drying it is ready for use. Current timbers I have drying at present include oak, ash, yew, walnut, beech, cherry, sweet chestnut and laburnum.

Twice a year, myself along with two other designer-makers, one specialising in pewterware, the other in jewellery - who share the premises hold an open weekend. Other designer-makers are invited to take part and present a wide range of designer crafts which can be purchased or ordered.

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